Sponsors for Paul Sutherland at Raine Island
Iridium Satellite LLC is the phoenix which has successfully risen from the ashes after the original iridium satellite phone company went out of business. Their team of professionals has been very helpful in getting this project off the ground. Without Iridium's generosity and vision images and text relating the story would not reach the outside world in "real time". I will be using their Motorola 9505 Satellite Phone in combination with their data kit to transmit text and images through the modem in my Mac G4, Powerbook.
Apple Computers Inc. has generously allowed me to test drive one of their latest G4 Titanium Power books The computer will be used for all digital image management functions and will function as my satellite phone base station.. The G4 will serve as my operations nerve center for the extended periods of time we will be at Raine Island.
I approached Nikon USA, the US arm of the global optics giant with a proposal to photograph the unique wildlife spectacle at Raine Island with the company's new digita D100 camera system. Nikon,with their long history of support for nature photography, liked the idea. If you use a digital camera chances are you have heard of this company. I approached Lexar Media because the industryis full of pros telling storiesabout how their memory cards were dropped or run through the washer and ruined except... those from Lexar Media. They are built to last and each one is tested before it is put on the street. And whats more thefolks at Lexar Media are even more enthusiastic about digital photography than I am.
The leader in camera & tripod support equipment. RRS offers a well estbalished reputation for designing and building the best. I have used RRS equipment on a number of expeditions and on this one I asked my friend, Joe Johnon to test some of his newer pieces and he agreed. The equipment is solid, well built and used by more pro nature/wildlife shooters than any other and ... will outlast you! Aquatica is a well established manufacturer of underwater camera housings and accessories. I have owned their housings for a decade. When I needed support with the Raine Island Project I called on my old friends at Aquatica in Montreal and they agreed to help. They came through witrh flying colors
Sea & Sea is a manufacturer of underwater photographic equipment I have been using Sea & Sea strobes for years. When I needed a housing to protect the D100 cameras I went to Sea & Sea USA. Though they couldn't help they gave me a contact in their Australian affiliate's office. The Australian Sea & Sea team at Aquanaut.com/Diving Solutions came through. Aqnuat.com will get some of the first underwater photographs made with the D100 Nikon camera and the Sea & Sea Housing for use on their web site.
Bushhawk manufacturers a unique product - a shoulder stock camera mount in several different models. Used, by a number renowed professionals this will be my first experience with a Bushhawk. It will be interesting to see if the mount lives up to its reputation. I can tell you Jon Hendricks is an interesting guy. Check out the web site and call and ask him what it is like to do anthroplogical research on a tiny island in the Pacific. Cool Story!.
LowePro is a manufacturer of fine camera bags and equipment handling accessories These are some of the best Street and Field and bags and backpacks available.I already own five LoewPro bags and backpacks and for this expediton LowePro made available to me a new water proof backpack to shoot in action and test for them. The Dry Zone 200 has exciting features.. now we'll see if it lives up to the LowePro reputation. Pelican Products is the industry gold standard for waterproof hard cases. I have been using their 1520 case for longer than I can remember. It is the perfect size for a 35mm system up to 300mm when working in small open boat in rough seas. If you have to keep it dry and dust free go Pelican!
Qantas, first founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, was originally registered as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS). Today, Qantas is widely regarded as the world's leading long distance airline and operates a fleet of 187 aircraft across a network spanning 142 destinations in 32 countries. Travelling between the US and Australia has never been easier than with Qantas - the only way to fly!
Pro Dive Cairns is one of North Queensland's oldest and most respected dive training and retail organizations. They teach hundreds to dive each year and have a fleet of well equiped dive boats taking divers out to the Great Barrier Reef. Pro Dive Cairns generously agreed to provide dive equipment to support the Raine Expedition and the Tropical Australian Stinger Research Unit.
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