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Journal Entry - 02- 07 - 03
Group photo and last minute items to follow up in entry.
As we raced around on the dock this morning packing up I thought to myself we can't go away from this without putting out a team photo.

This group has done such a great job they deserve to be immortalized on my web site of infamy. So after much distraction and t-shirt pulling to get their collective attention (the stills shooters are always the low man on the totem pole at a doco shoot) we charged off to the bow of the Floreat, the trusty steel hulled boat which has been my home for almost two months - three expeditions since July '02. You see the result. Maintaining order was difficult. The second shot is chaos unleashed...sort of.

Also I have been remiss, and forgotten that we still have to update you on the results of the turtle to which we attached the satellite transmiter.

News is not all good, unfortunately, and the sharks with transmitters as well. In the next week with access to a solid connection I will upload data on Ridley the shark we attached the transmitter to in December. She is now well up off the Eastern Fields reef system headed for PNG (that is old data - we'll update it). And give you a sexy color map and I won't have to stay up till midnight to do it anymore. Yay!!

Also need to correct the site traffic number - since November, we are at approximately 165,000 hits - just checked this evening. 21,000 hits in the first 7 days of Feb. Not too shabby! People like turtles and remote shark infested - sort of, bit of a reach - islands.

Please visit again soon to view the Raine Island image gallery we will be putting up and check back to read about the shark and turtle tracking data. And tell your friends.
Back row - Marcus Oake (Captain), Richard Fitzpatrick (Marine Biologist/Cameraman/Filmaker and wing man extraordinaire when in the water with sharks), Ian Bell (Sr. Conservation Officer -"Ranger Rick"- turtle god), Connor O'Sullivan (Chef Supreme!!!), Adam Barnett (Offsider to the max!!), Giovanna Fasanelli (Digital Dimensions volunteer & hairdoo goddess), Paul Sutherland - yours truly - stills photographer & victim of the video gang conspiracy (they're all against me).

Front Row - Director Jeremy Hogarth (the energizer bunny), Paul Harrison (Digital Dimensions volunteer - soccer ball head - he just wanted a change - Riiiight!), Dean Miller (Deano - Digital Dimensions volunteer - How to do a Ph.D. on nothing - or maybe something I just don't understand and getting paid for it, good on ya!), Aston Ward sound man to the gods (aka. The Snake - bed hopper, slept wherever the bed was empty last trip, this trip he stayed in this own bunk - just drank everyone else's open cold coke), Debra Coleman (tireless Digital Dimensions volunteer - been there done that - take names now and kick butt later)

And last, the only person on the boat to have a tagged shark named after him in honor of his some 15 years of visiting Raine Island - Gordon Oake, Master Mariner and father of Marcus. First to offer coffee or tea in the Am. A classic - Has got really cool video of turtle hatchlings as well.

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