Raine Island - Nature's Cradle on the Edge of the Coral Sea
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Journal Entry - 02- 05 - 03
Final Curtain on the Wet Sea.

Glass-out - you can see how flat the surface of the water is. Last night it was so calm the stars were reflected on the surface of the water.
Our last day at Raine Island was another beautiful one, little wind, glass-out sea and just hot enough to melt the paint on your car....by 9:30 a.m.

We paid a last morning visit, making our way carefully over the reef foreshore on a rising tide in the zodiac to the tower at the southeast corner of the island. Richard and the film crew had some last minute work as did I. We agreed to not waste too much time and get back to the boat in order to set out the baits for tiger sharks one last time.

Heron chicks.
We had one last satellite transmitter to attach to a shark and Richard wanted to get it done. They shot their footage and motored back to the boat while I made my way down the island shooting as I went. I found some heron chicks in a nest and made a few pictures quickly and left in order that the adult return as soon as possible if I was the reason it had left.

Several hours from Raine the Coral Sea is still a mill pond. This is the way ocean travel should be.
Richard motored over to the beach in front of Floreat to pick me up off the beach in the zodiac. They had been at the boat for some time. Once again I had been caught up in my photography and been longer than I expected and it was now hotter than I had expected.

A shot of the small tent in the tower in which the film crew stored equipment to protect it from the .....well you can see what happened to the tent. The tower has an open grate floor some 55 feet up above the ground.
We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon waiting on sharks and cleaning up gear, preparing for the run back to Cairns. At 2:30 we paid a last visit to the island to clear the last of our equipment out of the base of the tower.

Several of us took the opportunity to work our way back to the boat shooting final photographs. By 3:30 we were pulling anchor on and motoring away from Raine Island over a flat glass sea, the few clouds in the sky reflected in the indigo water we were riding on.

I guess nobody ever said heron chicks had to have a good barber but this chick certainly has a contemporary haircut.
For many of us, I am sure we leave with mixed feelings. This is probably the last time we will ever visit this special place yet it is certainly time to head home. Some of us have been here a total of two months out of the last six on the Floreat - time for a break. Others, like me, have been both at Raine for the extended period and just plain away from home for a long time - I left in November. I think it was the about the 18th or 19th, a long time in any case.

One last look at the island as we motor away to the southwest.
As I write this I already wish I had spent more time focused on particular opportunities but that would mean giving up some another opportunity, so who knows.........

You roll the dice, take your chances and come out the other side with what you got.
Tomorrow, no doubt, Mother Boredom will be back with a vengeance. Stay Tuned. You will be there to see how the team handles it one last time.

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